Three Games

This page points to some games that have interested me now and then.

GOPS: Game of Pure Strategy

The Game Of Pure Strategy (a.k.a. Game Of Pure pSych, a.k.a. Goofspiel) is a classically simple game in which you compete for points by selecting a card from your hand and showing it at the same time your opponent shows one; the player showing the higher card takes the stake. And, of course, you can't use the same card over again on a later play. I've implemented this for OS/2 and DOS. These are Zip files; if you don't have InfoZip, see the InfoZip web site. You can also read about the game before downloading. Sorry, no game-playing server. Also, note that this is a Beta version of a research project, and the program is painfully non-graphical.

RISK®: The Complete Odds

Say, if you roll 3 dice to 2, just what are the odds in your favor? And if you attack his 20 armies with your 19, do you have at least an even chance of shoving him out? This page answers both kinds of question, though for the second kind you need to have a browser that will run applets.

By the way, with 3 dice to 2 you have a 37% chance of knocking off 2 of his pieces, and a 33.5% chance, more or less, of trading one for one. And in a fight to the death your 19 will beat his 20 just over 51% of the time.

Another game: Stackup Checkers

This is a little-known variation of checkers. No executable code here; you play it yourself on a non-virtual board with little checkers, believe it or not. Since winning the game requires accurate look-ahead through several complex forced moves, it's a good candidate to be programmed, but no one has done it.

Try it. You may find it amusing.


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